Thursday, June 10, 2010


What is a friend, someone who says lets go do a robbery, or someone who gives you crack to sell when you just got out of jail, maybe a friend is someone who will shoot another person for you just because you asked them, these are the things I thought a friend was. I was arrested for a home invasion armed robbery and was truly about to go up state for a very long time, 42 years to be exact, my plea bargain was for 8=16 years if I copped out but being in the mindstate that I was at that time I was going to take this thing to trial, but I dident need to because my friend made it so that the witness refused to get on the stand to testify and I only ended up doing 2 years instead of 42. Sad thing is while I was waiting to come home my boy who helped me get off was arrested for the exact type of crime I was presently down on. I wish I could of talked his witnesses into not coming to court, but I was allready locked up so I couldent, Now my friend is serving two 15-30 year sentences concurrent and 60 to 120 months serverd consecutively, my heart hurts just thinking about my friend locked up for so many years.

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