Monday, June 7, 2010


I remember contemplating suicide in third grade. I would sit in my clothes closet in the dark with my eyes closed holding one of moms old kitchen knives and seriously thinking about ending my young life, thinking of all the field trips i,d miss, of my little brother and sister, I was so sad. Other lil boys used to pick on me and for awhile i did nothing but take it, but then after a year or so i got tired of taking it. I believe it was forth grade when I cut school for the first time with my lil cousin Deon Hall aka Dirt -rest in peace-, he was shot dead by the police on the west side when he was only 17 teen years old during a stand off with police after a so called failed robbery attempt. I miss my lil cousin so much, he was allways the athletic one, doing back flips and somersalts a true jack of all trades when it came to kid things, I love you dirt and miss you fam, i started this blog to give people a glimpse into what it was like for us coming up, hungry nights, lonely nights, funerals, daddy smoked out, every man I knew was a thug except my school teachers and they used to talk bad to us, except Mrs Adams- she was the best- I allways loved her and she never knew it- she made it alot better and kept me from killing myself that many years ago.

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